About Us

About Us

NECS is a consulting firm that works with local and regional business and government in the northeastern U.S. to help solve their technology and management challenges. Our dedicated and knowledgeable professionals are available 24×7 to support mission critical applications and network systems.

For more than 25 years, we have provided automation solutions to hundreds of businesses throughout the Northeast. We know that organizations often do not have the time and resources to maintain a full time technology department, or they lack the expertise to maintain their current technology resources.

To assure our clients of seamless service, we also interface with suppliers such as:
telecom providers, computer software & hardware sales companies, Internet & Web service providers.

Network Systems Integration

NECS will design a network solution to meet its clients’ requirements and fully implement the solution. The company provides turnkey services including:

  • Network Design
  • Server Design & Architecture
  • Computer Hardware
  • Premise Wiring
  • Shared Internet and other connectivity
  • Software and Implementation
  • Employee training and support

The technical staff has alliances with numerous IT vendors including: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Dell, Symantec, Linux (OSI), Wyse and others.

Infrastructure and Cabling

Options now exist that allow computer networks to be connected via wired Ethernet cables or by wireless options (often referred to as “Wi-Fi”). As with networks, some technology devices and software are now being built and designed to connect via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Although the potential savings of not running cables may be appealing, wired networks tend to perform better and do not have as many security issues as wireless systems.

Telecommunications Solutions

  • Design/Install Phone Systems (PBX’s)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voice, Data & Internet connectivity
  • T1, T3, DSL, ISDN, Broadband and Dial-up
  • Voice Over IP (VOiP)
  • Wireless

NECS provides business connectivity (T1, T3, DSL, Broadband, Dial-Up) through its affiliations with long distance and local carriers including Verizon, LightTower, PAETEC, FiOS, Time-Warner and Optimum.

The integration of voice telephony services into the data network has the potential to deliver information more cost effectively and broadly than today’s multi-network approach. By marrying telephony and data infrastructures there is great potential for municipal networks to be easier to use, manage, and expand.

The benefits of IP telephony include: long distance savings; reduced capital costs; reduced administration costs; easier implementation of new telephony applications; combined voice/data connectivity; and access to new technology in broadband WAN options.

Call the government consultants at NECS today to see how we can help your municipality improve its efficiency.

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