Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications

Businesses are replacing bulky cables with invisible radio frequencies, otherwise known as Wireless Networking. This technology utilizes high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data.

Local-Area-Network wireless products conform to the 802.x (standard) protocols for interconnectivity among devices. All products tested and approved as “Wi-Fi Certified®” are interoperable with each other, even if they are from different manufacturers. We can help you configure a system that eliminates tangles of wire and cables.

Whether in the enterprise, across the campus or up to 50 miles apart we can design and install a platform that ensures seamless interoperability. We deploy carrier-class point-to-multipoint Ethernet radio systems for business access users who demand high-capacity throughput with guaranteed bandwidth; featuring up to 100 Mbps (symmetrical) full duplex sector capacity and shared base station architecture over non-commercial 4.9 to 6 GHz frequencies.

Our security protocols include WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, DES/AES and more.

Whether your need is for in-building, outdoor, campus-wide, point-to-point or regional wireless we can complete the link. Call NECS today to schedule a free analysis.

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