Viruses & Spyware

Viruses & Spyware

If you use any of the popular operating systems, chances are you have spyware in your system. Spyware not only invades your privacy, but sloppy coding also causes stability issues with most operating systems. After all, why should a spyware coder care if his coding disrupts your system, as long as he gets his message through your anti-virus software and firewalls?

Because most anti-virus programs don’t detect spyware, and anti-spyware programs are relatively novel, your network may be full of spyware-infected machines that use up bandwidth, slow everything down, and cost you time and money. We can show you where spyware originates, how you can educate network users, and how to stop it.

Most important, we can remove it.

Caution: If a novice attempts the removal, it can be dangerous to the system because registry editing is almost always involved.

Call us now if you expect your system has been compromised. DO NOT EMAIL US!

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