Children’s Medical Group Adopts the iPad

Children’s Medical Group Adopts the iPad

Posted July 15, 2011

Northeast Computer Services Corp. is reporting that the healthcare providers at

Children’s Medical Group, PLLC, have decided to use the Apple iPad as their tablet of choice for delivering end-point medical services within their three county network.

Healthcare providers and their information technology departments had put the Apple tablets through a rigorous review; the iPads will take the place of their paper medical charts.

Doctors at their nine facilities will use the iPads to examine images, write prescriptions and take notes during patient visits. The devices can carry patient medical histories, allergy and other care data and allow doctors to order treatment while they’re still with the patient.

The group’s intention in using the iPad is to provide better patient centered care while reducing medical costs, increase productivity, reduce duplication entry errors and be greener through the elimination of paper. Dr. Fenner & Dr. Habert, two physician champions, proposed the iPad plan to the Group, noting that conventional laptops and tablets could create a physical barrier to the traditional doctor-patient interaction and that the iPad is not as distracting in exam rooms.

Children’s Medical is working with Northeast Computer Services Corp., a Dutchess County, New York based IT consulting firm that helped modify the interface with patient information security in mind. No data is stored locally on the iPad in case the device is stolen or lost and the device has been modified to work securely within their private network.